SKILLS INTERACTIVE VIDEO TECHNOLOGY Engage your audience with next level video experiences our expertise in interactive video technology We develop custom interactive video solutions to engage your audience by enriching their video experience. We bring click/touch motion tracking interaction, additional data , multi-stream and multi-screen solutions to enrich the watching experience. We support the interactive video […]


SKILLS DESIGN THINKING Use the best of design methodology to solve business challenges WHAT WE DO WITH design thinking We use design best practices to understand, find solutions and validate the key success factor of a business challenge before preparing larger scale deployment. We create an iterative dynamic with small and fast steps, not only […]


SKILLS IOT EXPERTISE Combine connected objects and people to create new services our expertise in IOT SOLUTIONs  We create new services using the power of existing iot devices (cars, drones, set top boxes, home automation devices) supported by a cloud iot architecture (Google, Microsoft or Amazon). We unlock the true potential of your iot network […]


SKILLS BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT Accelerate the development of trustless applications our BLOCKCHAIN expertise We can integrate existing public blockchain technology (Bitcoin & Ethereum) into applications or create your own blockchain (sidechain).  This expertise is especially relevant when you want to remove a third party actor or when you want to disrupt a market. WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN […]


SKILLS BUSINESS MODEL OPTIMIZATION See the big picture of how you are creating value OUR EXPERTISE in business MODEL OPTIMIZATION We help optimize your business model through workshops, deliver visual presentation and sheet simulation. Modelize your business model to put things in perspective   When launching a new service, transforming an activity or looking for […]


SKILLS GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY Move into new directions WHAT WE DO WITH go-to-market strategy We build strategic action plan, focused on the steps needed to launch new product/service, or enter new market, including internal and external ressources.   what is GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY ? Go-to-market strategy answers the questions “how to enter a new market?” or “how to […]


SKILLS WEB-AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS Web-& mobile applications from design to development WHAT WE DO WITH WEB-AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS We bring a full stack approach from ideation to development. We create ingenious applications with native, hybrid, mobile and cutting edge web technologies supported by cloud microservices solutions to reach high levels of performance and scalability. One […]


SKILLS MACHINE LEARNING Use data to increase performance and predict behaviors  OUr expertise in MACHINE LEARNING We  create and train machine learning model for video, image, text and audio analysis supported by on demand cloud neural architecture.  Because machine learning is starting to get mature enough, we can use existing model and adapt them to your […]


SKILL SERVICE DESIGN Create better services by truly meeting the needs of the users OUR SERVICE DESIGN EXPERTISE   Together, we build a strategic vision for services that truly meets the consumer demand. We translate this vision into concrete experiences by involving  various expertises in the following fields : user experience (UX) , user interface […]