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WHAT WE DO WITH go-to-market strategy

We build strategic action plan, focused on the steps needed to launch new product/service, or enter new market, including internal and external ressources.  


Go-to-market strategy answers the questions “how to enter a new market?” or “how to launch a new product?”. Coming from general marketing strategy because it covers some of the same areas, it a is much narrower scope. Go-to-market strategy focuses only on a specific product or market, whereas the marketing strategy is about a business. 

Go-to-market STRATEGY inTO a GO-to-MARKET action plan


Go-to-market strategy delivers its full value when it is translated into a go-to-market action plan. This action plan should include both internal and external resources to coordinate the whole effort, and raise the success rate of the operation.  Examples of some item that a go-to-market action plan could cover.


How your company plans to engage customers, deliver value, create strong relationships and achieve the strategic objectives.

Value Proposition – What is the value of the offer and why would someone buy from you vs. a competitor?
Positioning – How do you want the market to view the offering among other choices?
Messaging – What are the top three pains solved or gains delivered?
Sales and Support Model – How will you sell and support the product?
Buyer Journey (stages in the decision process) – What are the behaviors that are undertaken by a customer pre-and post purchase?
Buyer Personas – What are the characteristics and behaviors of users of the product?


CRM – What tool should be used for building and managing customer relationships?
Training Support – Will customers need training?
Client Engagement and Retention – How will relationships be nurtured, evaluated and strengthened?
Satisfaction Measurement – What tools are needed to track satisfaction and loyalty?


What pricing strategy should be used? Introductory discounts to encourage trial?


Tools – What types of collateral, demo and presentations are needed?
Client Acquisition and Channel Mix – What is the right approach? Direct sales? Value added re-sellers? Sponsorship program ? Affiliate program ? Guerilla
Training Support – How will the selling channel be trained and supported?


Branding – How will you create and consistently deliver on the promise of the brand?
Demand/Lead Generation – How will be generate demand and leads ?
Content – How do we deliver engaging, valuable content? (Blog, video, whitepaper, ebooks, articles)
Web site – Main site or micro-site? How will this impact current site ?
Events  – Opening event, key par
PR and Advertising – What are the objectives and resources for external communications?



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